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Professor Tariq Ramadan wins his lawsuit against the City of Rotterdam

PRESS RELEASE – 19 03 2013After having won his lawsuit against Rotterdam Erasmus University in November 2012, Tariq Ramadan has now won his second lawsuit against the City of Rotterdam.

The Hague Court has contradicted the previous Rotterdam Court, and recognized the legitimacy of Professor Tariq Ramadan’s lawsuit regarding the way his contract with the City was broken.

The Hague Court considered that the City of Rotterdam did not respect the terms of the contract with Professor Tariq Ramadan by terminating his employment abruptly nor did they respect all his person and rights.

The Hague Court has recognized Professor Tariq Ramadan’s rights in his lawsuit against the City Of Rotterdam, and condemned the City to an indemnity.

3 commentaires - “Professor Tariq Ramadan wins his lawsuit against the City of Rotterdam”

  1. Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

    As a long time human rights advocate I am so very happy.
    Allahu Akbar…Justice always prevails in the end. This is an attestment to perseverance. May you always be a beacon of light for us all to follow.

    1. Congrats Mr Tarik & may Allah bless you & yours.

      I’m always reading all what you wrote in deep thoughts , you are like the Candle in the west wind , your respectable thoughts always be a valuable positive arguments which “diving in harmony through the western thoughts” .

      I’m sharing with your thoughts since long time ago due to i believe that we must present the reality of our Religion which is a peaceful Religion full of great thoughts , ready to debate with any community in harmony respectable , patient way.

      yes i spend 3 years debating with assorted of foreigners about what we believe & Alhamdo l Allah i succeed to change a lot of wrong images belong to our Religions , i faced a lot of insults , a lot of arrogance’s members through their responses but i keep my self in the respect level of my responses till i gain their respects specially the Atheists ones.

      I’m not presenting what i believe as a “Duty” ! , no , but as a Muslim understanding what is Islam , debating with others in harmony way because the western people respect who debate with them in a logic , deep thoughts.

      Finally , it’s a pleasure to me to wrote this message to you , only to congratulating you about your valuable efforts in what you “love” to present in honest way.

      All my deep respect to you & wishing all the best to all the Islamic Ummah insa’ Allah.

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