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“A Mercy to the Worlds” by Sami IbnSabil al-Sahmi

“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”

Known for truth
He made hearts move
In love they’d stir
For God’s Messenger

He was free from flaw
Leaving all left awed
For all hearts melt
So to God they knelt

With noble character
And stately stature
Silk touch and scent, musk
Like moon aglow at dusk

A breeze with vision
Upon godly mission
With eyes cast down
As creation’s crown

In the rear he walked
But at front in war
As Mercy blessed
For all oppressed

Like heavenly hosts
His love engrossed
True till last breath
Intercessor past death

He chose necessities
With the world at his feet
Thus before heaven’s door
He lived with the poor

He honoured all rights
Spreading fairness like light
With all in his care
Even nature everywhere

Forgiveness and justice
Were by mercy encompassed
Moderation was his way
Calling to God those astray

Cleansing the world by day
And night with heart prostrate
He prayed before the Lord
Thus life and heart adorned

Often pensive, seldom spoke
With God, in fear, in hope
Conveying what God inspired
From worship, never retired

With legacy set to enlighten
The world and all its horizons
Outshining the sun above
With the force of a Prophet’s love

And even more by God’s grace
So I pray his resting place
Is filled with peace and blessings
And that we’re neighbours in God’s heaven

“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”

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