“A Message to both Clinton and Trump” By Abubakar Kasim


“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”


I really hope both candidates – irrespective of who wins – will take lessons from the current election which has created a climate of mistrust, division and hatred to an unprecedented level in recent history.

It will take time – a long time – to heal the wounds. I wonder if such wounds will ever be healed in our lifetime or if it will be inherited by our next generation.

When hate gains such momentum, hell break loose as no one can predict what comes next especially when a presidential candidate openly accuses the system to be rigged.

I wonder if he has chosen his words carefully or if he is just bursting as usual out of anger to win the support of angry white men.

His remarks could potentially lead to instability, violence and chaos as experts warn. I know what a rigged system means as it has led to the destructions of much of Africa and third world countries.

I originally come from a nation where trust was broken down by a rigged system and subsequently the results were disastrous. For more than 20 years, the rift and mistrust is still there and the fire is still burning without a stop. The entire country went into a total chaos where trust was lost and every man was for himself. And that is why I and millions of my fellow Somalis have fled our beautiful country looking for a better life elsewhere.

We should not underestimate the mistrust, enmity that is growing in the United States.

I hope Mr. Trump will be forced by his close advisors to go into some kind of a rehab to deal with hatred and bigotry that that has built in him. It is obvious that the man hates everyone who looks different.

Wealth and power have gotten deep into his veins. He needs to humble himself and to come down to earth. It seems as if he does not live here anymore with us. He seems to be living somewhere else in the galaxy.

He should understand that we, blacks and whites, Muslims and Christians, and yes Latinos too are all from the mother earth. There is no need to look down upon other people as we are all created from dust and to dust we shall return.

If I was his advisor, I would have advised him to take a long break and go away in poor countries for volunteering missions to help the needy until arrogance goes away.

I really hope he will not win in this election. It is bad for him and his health. With the level of stubbornness, arrogance, if he wins the election, he would create third world war without a doubt.

He needs to humble himself first and come down to earth. Once he humbles himself and rediscovers his humanity and realizes that he is no better than anyone else, he could probably try again after 4 years.

It is better for his soul not to become the next president of the most powerful nation on earth. It is just as bad for him as for every other human on this planet. We just cannot afford the risk. It is too dangerous for everyone.

Arrogance is a bad disease. You tend to look down upon other people as if you are better than them. You create your own imaginary world somewhere up in the sky and look down at people as if they were all small aunts.

He should have known better that with his attitude and behavior, even he himself would have tolerated such attitude. As I wrote in the Independent, Trump himself would not have tolerated such outlandish behaviour in the business world. He would have fired the belligerent candidate who looks down on others. It is mind boggling, then, to see him with the luggage he is carrying on his shoulders to expect to go far in his quest for leadership.

And Ms. Clinton should also do self-reflection on why a lot of people don’t trust her. She should try to bring a real change to win the trust which has been lost.

It is crystal clear that the chain of building trust has been broken down as people are fed up from egotistical career politicians who make promises during the election and then forget all about it. And that is why people were eager and longing for change and were even willing to go as far as trusting a man like Trump.

Secretary Clinton should pause to reflect what went wrong not only in the US but around the world. The US should revisit its policies especially when it involves invading foreign lands such as what it did in Iraq and elsewhere. She should know that four years will soon come to an end and the American people will judge her and hold her to account.

She should be thankful to have a belligerent opponent like Trump as many people have found his politics of divisions repulsive. In doing so, he has handed victory on a silver plate to Ms. Clinton. With the growing number of people who don’t like her, she would have not had a chance to win even if her opponent was a lame duck.

“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”


  1. Absolutely, building a truthful life is starting from the initial stage. i hope she learn from her pass. Two bad options.. nothing differenciate between both. Except Closeness and openess. God is the most wise and aware.


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