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“A Passionate Plea ” by Fatima Amir

“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”

Worship, Halal, Haram, Pray,
This is what people have reduced Islam to today.
But no, they’re wrong,
Islam is about harmony, getting along.
It’s about love, care, and compassion,
But people have only turned it into a fashion. It’s about loving God from the heart and the soul, But all we have in our hearts is an empty hole.
“But how can we love something that we cannot see?”
This is what people ask when they are acting ignorantly.
We need to understand, and comprehend,
That all things will on one day, come to an end.
This day is called The Day of Resurrection.
And on this day no one will be left thinking they have perfection.
Why then, do we still disbelieve?
How much longer will we continue to not perceive?
God says in the Qur’an, that He will forgive he who repents.
But our minds are still ignorant and unintelligent. Muslims dress differently, and are made fun of,
But that only increases God’s Love.
The more hardships we face, and endure,
The better the end, and the stronger the cure. In the end we will see who goes where, And who goes into the devil’s lair.
For that is how Hell can also be described,
But paradise is like a life-saving medication that has been prescribed.
The sacrifices may be great,
But as you can see the end is the ultimate fate.
Choose now before it’s too late,
For the end is fast-approaching, and will not wait.
It will not wait for you to grow old,
Or to spend eternity deciding, for by then your heart will have gone cold. Cold, both physically, and from disbelief, So, stop acting like such a chief!
Lay down your hands in prostration,
Even if you have to go against your entire nation.
It’s been done before, by 124,000 prophets,
Why then, do we still only care about making a profit? Alas, we are humans, the most ignorant creation, But now we have a chance, and an inspiration.
We just have to follow it, and make the right decisions,
Without dividing nations into division’s.
We need to work together, and stop the wars.
We can never truly colonize, until people restore. Restore what has been lost: our dignity, and pride.
But we can never gain it back, until we are all on the same side.
So I plead with you one last time,
Won’t you join the group of ever-increasing Muslims, and begin your climb?
Your climb to greatness in God’s heart,
Why do you still insist on keeping these two worlds apart?
Can’t you see it’s for the best?
Or will you continue to not manifest?
What I speak is true,
And has not been contaminated or diseased like the flu. Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility,
A religion of humbleness, and humility.
It eases your pains, and solves even the biggest of complications,
Take poverty for example, or even habitation.
Even upon hearing this, you still think I am just some foolish girl,
That I am, but Islam really, truly is like a pearl. A pearl in the vast ocean, known as society, But when found brings the utmost piety.
It teaches a person, even the worst there can be,
How to live a proper live and how to see.
How to see things for what they really are,
And then when you do this, paradise is not so far.
But until you accept that “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger”, you may never enter paradise.
So, tell me, what about this does not suffice?
What about Islam does not come up to your expectations?
You continue to disobey, and you may just end up like the Haitians.
Yes, that’s true, just what I said. Calamities happen to those who wrong and disobey,
Like the Titanic, or Super storm Sandy, so listen to what I have to say. I’m not speaking just any old stuff,
Do I look like I can bluff?
I know I’ve said this before but,
I plead with you again, and again,
Won’t you join Islam?
It will spread relaxation, all the way to your palm.
But first you must accept,
And stop clinging to this life, otherwise no one will intercept,
No one will come to witness on The Day of Resurrection, for your record.
And you will certainly not be adored,
Even if you are the most famous or rich person in this world, here,
It doesn’t matter, for the only thing that will account for you is not your wealth, or your status on
Facebook, but your deeds, and when you heard the truth whether you decided to stay and listen, or to disappear.
So, why hasn’t your heart changed?
Why are you forcing it to get deranged?
This life is only a test!
And if you are shown the truth, consider yourself blessed! For it means, God thinks that you have the potential,
To understand that Islam is essential!
Now this is the last time I will say this,
Won’t you join Islam, and do yourself a great favor?
Come on, grow up, and act braver. Your time is running out,
And I will pout.
That now is the time to begin your climb once and for all,
In God’s heart,
And the beginnings of a great, new start.

“All opinions are that of the author and not necessarily those of the website that it is published under.”

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