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  1. Proffesor Tariq Radan, I recently became a Muslim, however I have learn a lot from your talks and lectures, I have another real concept about Islam I mean not only haram and halal issues but Islam in a contemporany context. I´m glad to have the opportunity of follow you.

    • Alhamdulillah. welcome back to us. I am happy for you, to understand what Islam is from all aspect is our duty.

  2. Bismillah, I will make it very short, because I have too much to say and this isn’t the forum perhaps. However, I do want to express my appreciation for this lecture. I find in the Islamic communities, for far too long integration of different educations was rejected by many mainstream (Imams, Sheiks etc.) unless Islam was studied in isolation. This in my humble opinion left many bereft of their religion often feeling lost as to where they belong, East or the West? Today, lots of repairing needed to welcome back those whom felt rejected becasue they dare to question. I am pleased to see so many wounded soldiers of Islam returning back to their religion, and perhaps that’s due to our acceptance of them. alhamdulillah, Allahu Akber. May Allah bless you for reaching out to all.


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