Life Cycle…


Life Cycle…

Then time flies. The years that we counted, now pass by and escape us. Our children have grown up and our parents are becoming children again.

Our coming into the world was made in suffering, and sadness will accompany our departure. Through the tears of our trials and the smiles of our joys, life will leave us …

Before God, in the heart of Nature, and among human beings, there will remain the secret of life: resist the worst, and give, give and always give. To those who have given you so much, to those you have crossed … give to those who, humiliated or wounded, have asked; give to passers-by who did not ask.

Giving from your heart is inviting eternal good and infinite beauty to the bedside of life and death which, irremediably, take our body away.

When your mother or your father have become children again, you know – with all the strength of love – that there is only one way to be great. Kneel down, and give, give with all your heart.

And pray, when your eyes cry.


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