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Forbidden to travel, forbidden to work, forbidden to see my doctors, forbidden to see my elderly and sick mother, forbidden to see my hospitalized father-in-law, forbidden to see my children and my grandchildren, forbidden to see my brothers and my sister…

I have neither fled nor waived any of my obligations. I have strictly respected every condition of judicial control. I even handed over, on my own initiative, my second Swiss passport of which the judges had no knowledge.

The judges, whom I have only seen an hour and a half since I was released from prison, 14 months ago (for questions related to my CV), persist and pretend to believe (or to make people believe) that the case is still credible. Until when?

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  1. May Allah SWT protect you & family; give you the strength to overcome this difficult test.
    Incha Allah, He the all Knowing, the All seeing will make truth to prevail over false.
    Stayed Blessed! May He grant you His favour as His grant it to Joseph (Son of Jacob) as He narrated to us in the Glorious Qur’an. Amen

  2. Not allowed to be, having my soul if at all, beneath the belt. Not feeling welcome in “my” face, but “I” am a face with common sense & alongside that being a swollen balloon. “I” have a passport, being under the influence of “medicine”. No fitra, no true sense of being, no true life, no you & other true friends to be with in the earthly reality, & hardly any real time in the name of Allah (S.B.T.).
    According to “doctors” and authorities it is a choice between two evils: “medicine” or being but also being attacked. I am forced to be “treated”.
    When, where and how will I be off “medicine” to find that the world, love and true spirit is between Allah (S.B.T.) and me.


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