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  1. As Always great talk with many deep questions and challenges. I hope we common folks can pause and reflect on the points raised by the speaker. I am also of an opinion that may be you (Dr. Traiq) should speak more clearly about the extremist organisations and the way they are distorting the religion. May be you should even open a forum or series of talks and seminars about this subject because this is the greatest threat as Muslims we are facing and may continue to face in many more coming years. Normal common Muslim especially in the West and East need the true guidance and this is a duty of scholars of the time to speak the truth and stand for justice as you said. In my humble opinion it will be best done if people like yourself challenge the notion of extremist and spread the correct version or concept of Islam by handling the issue face on and not from the sidelines or at the end of 40 minutes talk with a brief statement.

    Ali Minhas


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