Chaos and the Moment


And the sun which no longer belongs to its time,
The snow of the summers, torrents of spring!
What madness trails us and drives us
To kill, to die and to destroy with no shame?

The mirror of yesterday’s flood in the following day,
History repeats in the evening the morning
In my heart the chaos which creation watches out for
Lunacy of the cosmos which my history repeats

Scalded universe and my frozen tears,
Signs of the end have just started:
No more seasons, no more order, no more horizon,
Without beginning, without memory, without even a name.

And suddenly… the tree that supplicates and the star which prays
I hear the harmony of the sources of the life
Tensions, tears, contradictions
Flight. Peace of the moment, and
Salâm is HIS Name.

5 Commentaires

  1. The desert …

    Prayer of your heart at sunset

    The sky …

    Horizon of your love in me

    The sun …

    Its Touch

    The sea …

    Its Gift

    You are the cup, filled with Its love

    You call and It comes

    Riding on the wings of the wind …


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