[DAY 16] “Death, a life after life”


Life is suffering for those who are focused on this life, life is a test for those who are going back to God, with their heart and mind.

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  1. la vie est souffrance? ben ça va aller d’une personne à une autre: les gens qui ne disent pas suffisemment ”al hamdoulillah” souffrent plus… la preuve: Dieu dit dans le Coran: ”لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم ولئن كفرتم إن عذابي لشديد”. donc, dire al hamdoulillah dans chaque chose va augmenter cette chose. donc si on veut se sentir heureux, il faut remercier Dieu ne serait-ce que pour le peu de bonheur qu’on puisse ressentir, ne serait-ce que par moments. et celà va augmenter notre bonheur, car c’est une promesse de Dieu…. en plus, il faut aimer les deux vies d’après le prophète. pas de choix exclusif.

  2. When you go back to God, Professor Ramadan, what excuse will you give for why
    you devoted years to urging Palestinian “resistance” while remaining utterly silent about
    the expulsion of seven million Hindus from their ancestral homelands in order to create

  3. What about when suffering is imposed on one who is just a “happy-go-lucky” believer by the grace of Allah (S.B.T.)? This believer is pushed out of life in oneself, with a drowning sensation, with suffocation, being emprisoned with unnecessary pain and suffering… There is no real light in life, let alone to be able to focus on the future life. This is the state of being medicinally emprisoned. It is beyond any other recognisable, imaginable and descriptive suffering that others can ever know.
    Nelson Mandela once said: ‘Let each know that the body, the mind, and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves. Let freedom reign.’
    The believer who is a slave of being severely medicinally emprisoned in the body, mind, with even finding that the very soul is twisted, is not free.
    Thank you brother Tariq for sharing that the Beginning is with Allah (S.B.T.), and the End is with Allah (S.B.T.). To Allah (S.B.T.) is the return, no matter what kind of future there is install for the believer.

  4. @Qamar: My brother approximately same amount of muslims were also forced to moved out of india after independence.
    Palestain issue cant be compared with forced migration of Hindus-Muslims.


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