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  1. I enjoy listening, reading and watching Tariq so much.
    I try to use Tariq as a model for my way of discussions. I try to copy Tariq’s gesticulations as well.
    I reccomend wormly the books written byTariq: What I believe, In the footsteps of the Prophet ( The Messinger ), Radical Reform, Islam and Arab awakening. Some of them I have read more than one time. Tariq influenced my life very positively. Thank God He sent Tariq to us.
    Enes Softic from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  2. I just found out Tariq Ramadan today. I have been watching his lectures all day long. I am truly amazed. The way he speaks, the way he thinks, the way he reacts.. Subhanallah! Such a talent, such a intelligence!

  3. Very interesting, M.Ramadan, but nebulous. Your discourse commonly lacks concrete examples.

    You say that you do not want to integrate but to make a contribution to the West. In a previous talk you speak of changing ( British ) society.

    Try to see things from a different point of view.Why do people seek refuge in the West? Could it be that battles for equality , democracy, human rights and the humane treatment of other animals, have already been fought and, however imperfectly, established.

    Would you prefer to live in a Muslim majority country? There are clearly huge problems associated with the interpretation of the Faith, cruel punishments, intolerance of minority groups, treatment of women and internecine warfare.Yet people pour scorn on reformists such as Ayaan H A. Who else has any suggestions to make?

    Physician, heal thyself.

    • You are hearing and interpreting with your tainted heart and soul,Tariq Ramadan has been critical about the issues in Muslim majority countries and esp the gulf oil sheikhdoms who are drunken with the power of e
      Wealth of oil and greed to hold onto power by hook or crook

  4. Hello Riaz,

    My ‘tainted heart and soul’ believe in the true equality of the sexes, translated into practical, everyday life; in the equality of and lack of prejudice towards LGBT persons; in compassion for and the humane treatment of animals; in democracy and human rights, including an end to the death penalty and cruel punishments; in the right to choose any religion or none, without pressure or punishment.

    How about you?

    The battles for these improvements have been hard-won and are still a work in progress. No wonder, then that progressives do not want the clock turned back.


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