1. As Salaam Alai-u-Kum brother Tariq.
    Spirituality comes as a result of doing the best one can in one’s life circumstances. It is in the control of Allah (S.B.T.). So there can be no controlling over it by the individual human being, having spirit by Allah (S.B.T.), such that he/she can have, as you mentioned, ‘…spiritual resistance towards good…’. (By-the-way, the use of this phrase may need to be corrected in your talk.)
    Also it should be mentioned that while the soul has limitations to be within the mind, it does not mean that one such as myself has to be in a mind, soul & being medicinal prison, for most of the time, to be extra limited in existence. I am not given the right of exercising a free personality, by Allah (S.B.T.) and I am not being allowed to be active enough, in thinking & doing, in my own right.
    Thank you.


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