Mother Nature speaks and accuses …


From the burning forests in Australia to the fires that devastate California and the Amazon; from floods in America, in Europe or in Asia, to the desert which spreads in Africa … from the four corners of the world, Nature challenges us, speaks to us, calls upon us with pain, with anger … with the tears of its suffering and the hurricanes of its anger … Our Mother.

“You have brutalized animals, in the sky, on the earth, under water; you have plundered, destroyed and killed for your sole well-being the sea and its riches, the Earth and its beauties. For your profit, you have signed my loss … To the peoples and tribes, Africans, Amerindians or aborigines, who respected the Earth to which they felt they belong, you lied and you stole this Land and claimed it belonged to you. To betray, steal, exploit, kill and destroy … that’s all I know about you, beings of modern civilization! I was your Mother-Nature, and yet you destroyed my order, broke my harmony, decimated my species, polluted the elements. .. I was your Mother, I became the dustbin of your greed and profit! ”

– Nature speaks, cries and rebels. Nature resists, and its terrible power to devastate and kill is its way of waking us up, before it is too late. Between the fire of the sun, and the waves of the clouds, between the earthquakes and the deserts which progress, the forces of Nature deploy an implacable “convergence of struggles”. Disasters are local and the message is global: the coral is dying, species are disappearing, the marshes are suffocating, water is missing and the air is becoming scarce. It is the way in which Nature expresses to us the “intersectionality” of its resistance: all species (from the most negligible to the most noble), all the elements (from the most swampy to the most luminous) unite and determine our common destiny. Rich or poor, Black or White, women or men, we will all die the same death, and we will be destroyed by what we have destroyed.

Mad is the human who neglects the eternal wisdom of all religions, all spiritualities and all cultures: “Listen to your Mother!”


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