Mysticism and Sufism – Podcast #10 – Looking at the world


Mysticism and Sufism

Mysticism and Sufism Mysticism is essential in all the spiritual traditions, and especially in Islam with Sufism. We study here its definition, its objectives, as well as the means, the obstacles and the conditions for the realization of this quest for the invisible, the soul and the Divine. It takes faith, patience, humility, and a lot of love.


  1. As Salaam Alai-u-Kum Brother Tariq,
    Sufism is the content and the inner dimension of Islam. Discipline is necessary to be there with the priority being that you have God-fear with humility. There are indeed conditions, pillars of Islam & rituals that must be followed to attain the state of discovering truths of mysteries in The Reality of Allah (S.B.T.).
    If one is suffering, as a result of “medicine” in my case for example, learning to be patient with it is the first step. Real freedom is only attained with a deep faith in Allah (S.B.T.), which may only happen in The Reality of Allah (S.B.T.).
    Some Muslims who are active with their thinking & existence may become fountainheads for others. Only through interaction with those particular fountainhead Muslims can there be results. It is called shirk in Islam, if a Muslim is only looked at and talked about. And in the worst case, a Muslim does become a fountain, suffering. The Only Fountain is from Allah (S.B.T.).
    Accepting the state of being not perfect in this life is also something that has to be dealt with. In this societal reality that initiated my “treatment” for instance, appearance has had the greatest importance. Being a Muslim was not allowed in my case. Islam is a perfect religion within which one can exercise a true personality, true life and true freedom.
    Privacy, and being left at peace, is also a demand for allowing the natural flow of life go on in any person, in the case of a Muslim it means serving The Will of Allah (S.B.T.), with heart, mind, body, being and soul.
    True adventures & mysteries are found with true love from Allah (S.B.T.). Getting to know one’s own personality and that of others with sincerity of heart, with humility, is adventurous, with mysteries & truths being revealed.


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