New Book – Islam: The Essentials


Islam: The Essentials (Pelican Introduction)

Publication date March 2nd

The essential introduction to Islam by Tariq Ramadan

Hardly a day goes by without mention of Islam. And yet, for most people, and in much of the world, Islam remains a little-known religion. Whether the issue is violence, terrorism, women’s rights or slavery, Muslims are today expected to provide answers and to justify what Islam is – or is not. But little opportunity exists, either in the media or in society as a whole, to describe Islam: precisely the question this short and extremely accessible book sets out to answer. In simple, direct language it will introduce readers to Islam, to its spirituality, its principles, its rituals, its diversity and its evolution.

New Book: here

13 Commentaires

  1. I think this book would be important for better understanding what is Islam.
    Because many people today hear Islam around the medias and if you check those medias most of them they do not know what is the true Islam.

  2. Dear brother Tariq,
    I would like to thank you so much for your significant and continual efforts to give the true image of islam not the one given by the western mass media’s. Rabbi gives you health and more success

  3. Dear Professor Tariq,

    I am Izzatullah from Malaysia. I would like to ask, is there any way I could obtain your book “Islam: The Essentials” in Malaysia? I am asking because I already ordered your book via online bookstore but the book was detained by Malaysia Ministry of Home Affairs and as I been informed that this book is banned in Malaysia. Hope I could get some information from your side.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  4. I would like to thank our Professor for his efforts to explain Islam in this very dificult contex. The world needs to understand this merciful religion …

  5. Salaam

    I am from Cape Town, south Africa. I watch and listen to your talks on Deen TV.
    I find your talks very educating and was wondering if you had any plans of visiting my country, if so

    I am also interested in your books, and will be visiting the bookstores shortly for a copy.

    Please reply to my email address.

  6. Asalaamualaykum warahmatullah
    Dear brother Tariq Ramadan. I ask Allah to increase you in knowledge and faith. I ask Allah to grant you Hannah in the year after for your numerous contribution to Islam. I am from Liberia west Africa. The Muslim population is about 12.5% here. I really need your book to share with others here. To clear their mind on the misconceptions about islaam. May Allah bless you more.

    • Prof. Tariq Ramadan, may ALLAH subaánahuu wa taálaa continues to bless and increase you with both the religious and secular knowledge. honestly, do not worry about your critics. you are converting hearts around the globe. kindly let us know when you will be in south africa. how will i be able to buy your books please.


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