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  1. A book, which presents an entirely different perspective of Quran & Islam, titled ‘Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought’ is available at http://www.slideshare.net/mohammadshafiqkhan1/natural-world-order-the-islamic-thought which may be propagated to all your readers & members (if any) for comments.

    There book may be read with following clarifications.
    After the book was got printed the actual meaning of two verses of the Quran was conceived which could help a great deal in understanding the contents of the book and the Quran. The verses are :-
    2-1 “Alif lam Meem; There is absolutely no doubt in this book which will show right way to the believers.”
    For last 1400 years it was presumed by almost all scholars that the reference of the book which would show right way to the believers is to the Quran but it has the reference to the very well defined book of innate moral law which is inscribed on the souls of every human being. It was the philosopher Thomas Aquinas who first conceived philosophically that humans have innate moral law. Later Kant, one of the great philosophers, has thrashed out the book of innate moral law in humans.
    2-41 “ ….And believe in this book (Quran) which I have revealed to substantiate the books with you….”
    Almost all scholars believe that in this verse it is stated that the book (Quran) substantiates the previous books of Bible, Torah & Zabour. But how can Quran substantiate these books which were in the corrupted form at the time when Quran was revealed. Paul had corrupted the Bible by stating that Jesus Christ (May God Be Pleased With Him) has already suffered for the sins of the mankind. If this is accepted then Christians are logically free to commit sins which is against the essence of Quran and Islam. Actually the meaning of the verse is that the book (Quran) substantiates the book of innate moral law which is inscribed on the human souls. Thus Quran is a certificate and authentication of the book of innate moral law inscribed on the human souls. Now when we analyze the book of innate moral law; we could derive the social law, social-political structure and even the purpose of human life.
    The word energy used in the book has dual has dual meaning as at some places it has the usual meaning as understood in adopted physical sciences whereas at some places it has the meaning of the basic substance of soul, the substance responsible for the livingness in the living organisms including humans, matter and the substance wherein the information of actions of life time of the humans are stored.
    On the bases of contents of this book followings scientific papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals.
    1. Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe
    2. Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living Things & Living Things (Revised version on World Science Database, General Science Journal, Vixra and Academia.edu in my profile)
    3.Michelson-Morley Experiment: A Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment
    4. Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology (Revised version on World Science Database, General Science Journal, Vixra and Academia.edu in my profile)
    5. ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’ by Albert Einstein is Based on Trickeries (www.elixirjournal.org Feb.2012)
    6.Ultimate Proof of Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology
    7. Theory of Origin & Phenomenon of Life
    (These publications are available at http://www.indjst.org (March 2012,oct 2010, oct 2011,Aug 2010) http://www.gsjournal.net, http://www.worldsci.org, viXra, Intellectual Archives & Academia.edu in my profile.)
    On the bases of above-mentioned papers an open challenge has been put forward to the adopted paradigm of physics because under Big Bang paradigm there is absolutely no possibility of existence of God for following reasons.
    1. Philosophically for existence; it has to be some substance (visible, invisible, perceivable or not perceivable) and this applies to God also. Substances occupy space but there is absolutely no space for God to exist at the time of Big Bang & before.
    2. Four things come out of Big Bang namely space, time, matter & light/radiation. We cannot look for eternal God in space & time as both had the beginning; secondly humans are in a position to produce all types of light/radiation and something which humans can produce could not be the God and since matter is made up of electrons, protons & neutrons these too could not be the God.
    Open challenge (which is standing till date despite the lapse of about two years) could be seen at http://www.worldsci.org/php/index.php?tab0=Abstracts&tab1=Display&id=6476&tab=2 and http://www.gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Essays/View/4018

  2. We would like to see clarification on topics such as: 1. Right hand possessed. 2. Property distribution in Quran 3. Verdict of male vs female. 3. Hijab. Attending iCNA. It is pitiful to find out that our bright young speakers all spending most time in talking about life after death. Rooms overflow in these sessions. We don’t have much talk on the issues in daily life. Look at our lives.. We are all about enjoying this life or religious formalities for after life. Where is the place for social works in the life if American Muslims? Hardly any. If we look at our Christian and Jewish friends, all I can see is life’s full of dedication to others and it is so beautiful to see that the problems of personal life is shadowed underneath their social deeds. That’s how a muslim needs be . Too bad that most of our popular speakers do not think that way or likes to say what people wants to hear( I once asked one and got this reply). We need mores chars who are courageous enough to talk and write what we need to hear and not what we would like to hear.


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