Tafseer 5: Rethinking art and culture


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  1. Appreciate the explanation and a balanced interpretation ,of this part of scripture. But my basic problem stems from even existence of such a controversy and from muslims trying to impose their own will on others. If God does not consider art and related haram what humans say or do is immaterial, Enjoying music is a personal choice and God will not punish other muslims for my sins if we assume it is a sin, Anyway it is a ridiculous & ludicrous assumption that things like music, art and poetry r sinful.God prescribed five haram things in his wisdom but our brethren want to expand this list at the least excuse.Its time passive muslims like myself say to such scholars past and present, u r welcome to ur rules but no thanks i am bound only by my understanding of Quran.I may b wrong but i have full faith in my Allah and am going to enjoy art & entertainment within Gods boundaries and if i am willing to take the risk other back off plz.


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