1. The west has also been brainwashing the people with words like « human rights », « equality », « freedom » and « democracy » to push these revolutions in the direction that’s most beneficial to them. They use such terms because they are universally acknowledged as « good » things….and yes I think everyone can agree to that; human rights and equality are qualities that we all would love to base our societies on, undeniably. Yet like all generalizations seemingly « simple » in principle, are extremely complicated in practice. But these words seem incredibly utopic and anyone who dares disagree with them is undeniably a « tyrant » a « backwards » and an « extremist ». Once the « human rights » and « democracy » cards have been played by the west, there is nothing else one can do, it is a « checkmate ». Chess is much more « fair » however. Once a player has been put on « checkmate », the adversary will simply kill the king and win. In these revolutions, once the country has been « checkmated » the opponent (the west) will sit back and watch the pawns (« les pions) kill their king….thinking that it’s for their own benefit, because of course it’s for the sake of « human rights » and « freedom »…of course! In reality, these terms are instrumentalist and manipulated carefully by very eloquent leaders following their own interests. Just like the capitalist system has been standardized in order to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, cultures have been standardized (for instance in france with it’s « laicité »), now the idea is to standardize values, get rid of any specificities of thought, of religion, of ideologies and just make one big idea « X » that will rule everyone….and everyone thinking differently is just « not free » and « oppressed » and must therefore be liberated by the idea « X »…. Orwell so nicely said « All animals are equal but some are more equal than others » and this is exactly what is happening. We are all equal in principle….yet with a loop….it s not so much the case!


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