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  1. Salam,
    I just viewed your debate with Chrisopher Hitchens which I found to be very informative. I must say I have recently converted to Islam. Since doing so I am studying Arabic and learning as much as I can. To cut a long story short I found Mr. Hitchens to be very derisory using sarcasm which is the lowest form of wit. I did find however a dignity in the way you carried your debate forward. This is a tribute to Islam that it can bring forth scholars, something I am sad to say is lacking in the rich, democratic tapestry of the west. Please accept my thanks and best wishes with the intentions they are offered.

  2. Il existe une application iTunes U qui rassemble des cours de diverses disciplines de beaucoup d’universités dans le monde, parmi lesquelles l’université d’Oxford. J’y ai cherché vos cours mais apparemment, ils n’y sont pas. Je suis certaine que beaucoup de personnes seraient intéressées à y avoir accès et pouvoir les suivre en ligne. Y aurait il possibilité que ce soit un jour le cas?
    Merci d’avance de votre réponse

  3. Salam Tariq,
    j’ai lu nombreux de vos livres et il me semble que dans un livre vous lister chronologiquement les grands sheikhs réformateurs de la pensées islamique (Ghazali , Albani ,Afghani, Hassan AL-Banna , Said Ramadan brièvement etc…) mais qu’en est il de Sayid Qutb?

    Fraternelement ,
    Mourad .

  4. Assalamoalaikum Prof Ramadan.
    I’m a fervent admirer of your discourses. With the God given knowledge you have, can you please enlighten the Umma if Hazrat Issa (a.s) is still bodily alive somewhere in heavens and due to come and save Muslims from the deep quagmire they are, while they stay arms folded?


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