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The era of globalisation is one of upheaval, or more precisely of overturn, which places the domination of the economy and financial markets over all others spheres of human activity. The world has changed and all this upheaval has grave consequences. However, it seems as if Ulama and Muslim intellectual’s thought is stuck, particulary in the field of economics. Like everyone, one observes the phenomenon of globalisation, studies its foundations and logic, and sees the serious lack of ethics. However, although one starts from scripture and an understanding of the context, one struggles to propose any kind of alternative or even a perspective of resistance…

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  1. Yes i think we lack the understadning and the principle of developing sound economics principles, that are appealing ideas to the west. WE need a muslim Adam Smith to enable us to derive the rulings from the quran and sunnah to the appropiate economic contexts that we are living in today.

  2. I would like you to know this short message, though it is about a vision a share with you that is beyond the dualism in the world. I trully believe that the question islam brings up for the western world, is if modern man is able tot integrate the awareness of tauhied with the freemdom of individuality. Spiritual unity fully recognizes western pluralism. That seems to be the paradox which has also been filosofically solved by the western, controversial filosopher R. Steiner in the latest period of the 19th century. At the same time he was fully aware of the deep meaning of the comming of Christ in the world. That could be an interesting discussion – in fact I was raised myself as a christian who never really fully accepted the western filosophy.

    thank you,

    Mario Hooijmans
    the Netherlands

  3. assalamu’alaikum,

    I can only be regretfull since most of TRs books cant be present in Indonesia, a country with the largeest muslim majority. The situation in Indonesia is not better than its homologues in the middle east. I hope that someone “there” who has commitment for the betterment of the muslim world can do us a favor by providing a network of thougt. It can be through translation or visiting scholars.

    thamk u. wassalam

    • I think there is much more freedom in Indonesia than any Middle Eastern country.

      I do not think Indonesia will censor TR’s book, it is a surprise that you say “TRs book cant be present in Indonesia”.

      What Indonesia is suffering the most is in the economy. As a result of past history by the Dutch colonial power 90% of Indonesian economy is in the hand of tiny minority 3% of population non-Muslim Chinese.

  4. Globalisation is a natural phenomenon of the economics of man. As we accept anything man-made, despite best endeavours is not entirely perfect. Therefore to be in a position to positively influence likelihood scenarios, one has to actively engage rather than passively be directed to towards a position of absolute exploitation.

    The natural wealth of the earth’s resources has been blessed upon the hollow custodians of state to protect and delay the citizens from colonial bondage but they lack strategic insight and leadership.

    True power shall be earned by those who are masterful in all of the arts, including economic and militaristic at the expense of a decline in social ethical morality.

    The ultimate demise can only be reversed or at best delayed with a united coalition of hearts and minds. This requires a magnanimous effort from the socially responsible and peaceful efforts of the few.

    The challenge lies ahead and the intent to change is initiated through qualified and peaceful action. Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King are examples of such qualified leadership against compromise of humanitarian liberties.

    To be successful in a globalised world, we have to be part of it to enable us to influence a socially responsible outcome for everyone.

  5. Your stand on Universal Value, you promote the European Muslim Equal citizenship, that is the future of Europe.

    On the other hand in Asia, where the immigrant is Chinese, Indian, Christian, Hindus, Buddhist living in majority muslim country, where is the universal value stand and what are you going to promote on equal citizenship as an example for the European as a proof for Islamic stands on universal value.

    Are you willing to promote the universal value here in Asia if youre invited by the minorities?

  6. Al Slaam Alikom …
    My name is Abdel Rahman Mostafa, 25years old from Egypt… and I am working on criticizing all the economic theories from its ideological, philosophical and psychological points of view. And I am convinced that the Islamic Ideology contain the best of all the economic theories and even a developed scientific methods dealing with either natural or sociological phenomena which had practiced in the modern history. My criticism emerged totally on materialistic perspective but the premises which I build on it are totally stemmed from Islamic ideology and specifically on the Holy Quran.
    I belief that Muslims left materialism which build the contemporary civilization and care only about the spiritualism, they didn’t balance between the both sides of the equation. I am really admit your work and I am really prude of you as when I see a Muslim have the capability to face ignorant people who claim wisdom and they didn’t know anything about it ,I say to my self Inshaa Alaah Muslims will back again, forgive me if I told you that I never head about you except today but I think you will, as you know life in Egypt makes a lot of obscures around the one, but I did not hesitate in writing to you as I fell guilty about not searching well to see the world more obvious. I hope to receive a reply but if not, I’ll understand. Thanks for your efforts toward us and wish from god to support and fix you more and more toward saying the truth.

  7. Dr. Ramadan,

    What do you propose? Globalization has been impacting not only Africans from north to south and east to west and Muslims, Africans in the Diaspora and million of others. While there are geographical variations, perceived threats from “communism” to “Islamism” have redefined existing discourse insofar as addressing globalization in Arab regions.

  8. I want to buy this book and I donțt know how… I’ve tryed buy those buttons up the cover picture, but it seems that i can’t.
    Please help me. Thank you.

    Also, I am looking for the english version of the book named L’Islam et les musulmans, grandeur et décadence . Can you please help me in this also?

    Thank you.


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