The Quest for Meaning Developing a Philosophy of Pluralism


In The Quest for Meaning, Tariq Ramadan, philosopher and Islamic scholar, invites the reader to join him on a journey to the deep ocean of religious, secular, and indigenous spiritual traditions to explore the most pressing contemporary issues. Along the way, Ramadan interrogates the concepts that frame current debates including: faith and reason, emotions and spirituality, tradition and modernity, freedom, equality, universality, and civilization. He acknowledges the greatest flashpoints and attempts to bridge divergent paths to a common ground between these religious and intellectual traditions. He calls urgently for a deep and meaningful dialogue that leads us to go beyond tolerant co-existence to mutual respect and enrichment. Written in a both direct and meditative style this is an important, timely and intelligent book that aims to direct and shape debate around the most important questions of our time.

Format : ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780141919577
Published : 05 Aug 2010
Publisher : Allen Lane

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  1. Salem ya usted Ramadan,

    Your book; The quest for meaning developing a philosophy of pluralism, is a beautiful ‘therapy’.

    May God always be there.

    Loves, Hakima


    -[Ramadan Tariq on studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer 1)->]
    -[Ramadan Tariq on studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer 2)->]

  3. Salam ou 3alaikoum,

    This short film demonstrates the story of Thierry.


    May God bless and guide all, loves from the Netherlands, Hakima

  4. There is surely a verset in Koran that relate about
    Thank you a lot Sir Tariq Ramadan for your intercession between east and west civilisations.

  5. The book is seriously failling (since it is ignoring this fact) that a healthy society is a cohesive society. The rise of China is not due to its pluralism. On the other hand: in the west we have been distracted now for a decade by problems due to multiculturalism which has lead to our fall. Pluralism is a fact (which I agree we could have managed better than we did) not an ideology.

  6. Salam Salam
    I have spent all the day (Saturday the 7th) watching from Youtube and other online video resources the many conferences to which you were invited to deliver speeches and interesting talks. I have always been interested in your philosophy and pathbreaking interrogations in this globalized world. In fact, I ordered from, your book “Quest for Meaning” and I am quite sure It will be of great help for me for I to always strive to widen my frame in my intellectual journey. I am in the West (Bowling Green, Ohio) and I have grown up in always trying to make sense of the other’s worldview. I love your concepts of “intellectual humility and empathy.” I DO believe that this is what most us lack in today’s everyday interactions with otherness.
    Thank you so much with your bright and room-for-thoughtfulness of your Islamic philosophy

    Salam Salam.


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