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To be a European Muslim

To be a European Muslim addresses some of the fundamental issues born of the several million strong Muslim presence in Europe in our times. Based on a thorough study of Islamic sources, it seeks to answer basic questions about European Muslims’social, political, cultural and legal integration. The study shows that it is possible to lead life as a practising Muslim while ‘living together’ in multi-faith, pluralistic European nation states.

8 commentaires - “To be a European Muslim”

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    Tariq Ramadan

    – [European Muslims Part 1,->] [07:22 min.]

    – [European Muslims Part 2,->] [03:43 min.]

    – [European Muslims Part 3,->] [01:52 min.]


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    Tariq Ramadan


    – [European Muslims Part 1->] [10:01 min.]
    – [European Muslims Part 2->] [10:14 min.]
    – [European Muslims Part 3->] [10:26 min.]


  3. `The study shows that it is possible to lead life as a practising Muslim while ’living together’ in multi-faith, pluralistic European nation states.´ It seems like this is a message both to western societies who reject islam as to second and ongoing generations of muslims who forget about islam and in fact do not practice in the west.

  4. Being as muslim in europe is a first task to became european muslim who loves his country and his continent Europe.

  5. Europeans have to respond to their citizens who choise
    Islam as religious reference , thats a great challenge for the future .
    We see in Germany,in France, in Nederlands,in England,
    in spain an other countries, native citizens choosing
    islamic way of live .
    Certainely Europe has to know how to deal with such
    new islamic poeple from their own country and all muslims
    in Europe have the task to help effectivelly in a way to keep balace between religion ,politics,legislation and civil behaviour ; that’s the march of history ; isn’t it ?
    And presenting that as an islamisation of Europe is a non
    sense of human rights and a politic négation of the evolution of free citizens .
    And Europe wil stay Europe for ever .
    These are only some terror messages against the unknown future .
    Because the question is : how may I of can I be against My country and against my continent Europe
    Effectively I am a muslim and I will die as muslim, but please leave me in peace with my convictions and stop pointing me as a threat for Europe .I am simply a citizen
    as others and my religion is of islamic reference is it not
    my human right?

    1. Autochtones(without any discriminatory feeling but as historical fact) europeans has to be rassured that the principle of freedom will stik as a fundamental pillar for ever in Europe because it is a fundamental principal that
      foundate the european culture wich gives also to Islam his space of expression , to everyone his religious conviction but Europe it’s only one .
      And christianity has been destroyed since a long time
      by the excessive apeal to total freedom and “liberation”
      from the dogmatic church . See the facts : how many poeple
      are still going sunday to the church ? And Islam has nothing to do with this; but once again let’s charge bad posture to this unknown but named Islam it’s a well solded
      nowadays target . Wat a stupid confusion.

      And more than this, even if islam is developping it self in Europe it doesn’t absolutely means that that europe will become a “Souk of medieval oriental behaviours” that’s pure demagogy of speculating on unknown future and this is
      total political irresponsability, yes indeed !
      Because instead of constructing on good perspectives,those detractors construct on fears , horrible perspectives
      and crazy sénarios.This is full political incompétence
      but it doesn’t mind nobody among the population knows it !

    2. The European countries imposed an immigration ban, the type of immigration shifted. Today most Muslim immigrants come either as asylum seekers or as part of family reunification. Many of the second generation migrants marry spouses from their former homeland. Some countries have tried to cut down on such immigration by passing strict laws, such as the Danish twenty four year rule. Thanks.
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