The Circle of European Communicators: « Let us talk about everything but communication »


Professor Ramadan wiil participate in this year’s edition of « The Circle of European Communicators » in Istanbul on Friday, 6th of September

The Circle of European Communicators

Under the motto “Let’s talk about everything but communications”, the Circle of European Communicators gathers the top minds in communications to do what they do best – discuss. Through the exchange of innovative and fresh ideas, the annual event aims to stimulate and inspire thinking in new directions, developing ideas and sharing experiences with top-level communications peers. Through the participation of visionary speakers and presentations on subjects ranging from politics and the economy to art and education, communicators can explore and expand on ideas which reach beyond the scope of their daily work. The 2013 edition of the Circle Event will take place in the beautiful city of Istanbul from September 4th to September 6th, 2013.

Over the course of history, this year’s destination, Istanbul, has taken major significance as a city which has witnessed the crossroads of civilisations, culture, religion and traditions. Now more than ever in a globalised world, mutual dialogue, insight and understanding are necessary to master the pressing challenges of our times. It is crucial to build bridges between different groups and actors in an ever more interconnected world. Therefore, we would like to dedicate the 2013 gathering to the theme “Building Bridges” – and Istanbul promises to be the most fitting location presenting the bridge between the continents and cultures of Europe and Asia.

With our gathering, we aim to create a new kind of high-level meeting for Chief Communications Officers in Europe, one which could become the Davos of our industry. While existing events for communication and public relations professionals focus on how to communicate, this new concept concentrates on what to communicate – similar to the well-known PR Seminar in the US. The Circle of European Communicators is hosted by an engaged steering committee of high-level communication professionals. They have worked on creating an exclusive event with the participation of visionary minds serving as stimuli and inspiration to explore together with top-level communication peers ideas and trends of major consequences for the world we live in and shape.

2:00 – 2:45 pm

Impulse Speech

Spotlight on Religion

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