Global Movement of Non-Violent Resistance


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An Appeal

Global Movement

of Non-Violent Resistance

Against the Violent, Extremist Policy
of the State of Israel 

The crisis in Gaza today underlines once more the horror—and the impasse—that the Palestinians face. We cannot simply wish a plague on both their houses; cannot hope for a negotiated settlement in the absence of direct, forceful outside involvement and intervention. To adopt a stance of false neutrality, to pretend to be powerless onlookers means letting events take their course; it means concluding, after every massacre, after every crisis, that the “peace process” has lead nowhere, that the situation grows more desperate with every passing day. A significant number of organizations around the world, and particularly in the West support the Palestinian cause. But these organizations are seemingly unable to agree on a common vision and strategies. In their discussions, they often confuse analysis of causes with the principles of resistance, or with the most effective methods of seeking support and the solutions to be put forward. In such circumstances, it is difficult to articulate a clear and coherent platform from which we can address the issues, engage in multi-dimensional action and build a solid united front. To resolve the conflict in accordance with basic,agreed-up principles of international law, we must begin with a minimum program of principles we can all agree upon:
  1. The Israel-Palestine conflict is primarily a political one (even though it has a religious dimension that implies the obligation to respect religious freedom for all—Jews, Christians and Muslims—and freedom of conscience for all, irrespective of religious or non-religious persuasion.
  2. There is an oppressor (State of Israel) and oppressed population (the Palestinian people).
  3. The Palestinian resistance is, de facto, legitimate.
  4. The Palestinians have the right to their own state, and to full freedom within it.
  5. The equal dignity of the Palestinians requires full equality of rights and treatment, no matter the proposed solution.
  6. Palestinians expelled from their lands have a natural right of return.
  7. Our commitment is based on an unconditional and equal rejection of racism of any kind, be it anti-Jewish, anti-Arab, anti-Christian or anti-Muslim.

Based on these seven principles, we can build local, regional and national collectives and platforms. They can then determine the priorities and objectives of the local/global resistance movement. The examples of “collectives” or “coordinating committees” in England and France, and in certain regions (the United States, Europe) must now be expanded to all countries on all continents, especially considering that the ostensibly local Israel-Palestine conflict has a global impact on the political and economic realities of today’s world. These local, regional, national and international coordinating committees should pursue the following objectives:

  1. Disseminate constantly updated and relevant information on the Middle East, in the form of websites, newsletters, lectures and teach-ins, videos, books, etc.; develop and sustain a citizen’s awareness of the issues, above and beyond moments of crisis and media coverage.
  2. Determine appropriate non-violent, legal and global resistance strategies (boycotts and coordination of concrete action: demonstrations, appeals to political leaders, etc.) already developed by some organizations but lacking sufficient coordination and collaboration except in times of acute crisis.
  3. Support and mobilize the economic solidarity movement for development and reconstruction projects (infrastructures, schools, etc.).

The most recent events in Gaza and the attitude of governments East and West make it clear that their widespread passivity and hypocrisy will rule out any solution to the conflict. It is as if the State of Israel, with the support of the United States and several European governments, has created an atmosphere of international intellectual terror: no one dares utter a word, speak the truth, or denounce the unacceptable. At the same time, the people of the world are far less gullible; increasingly large numbers of citizens are refusing to be brainwashed by the media, to be reduced to impotent spectators. These are the people who must be mobilized. Our task today is to state clearly our principles, to determine the most effective methods of resistance, and to coordinate our actions. Recent national experiences prove that this process can be generalized. We call upon those organizations with years of experience, as well as new structures and individuals, to view the creation of this global movement as imperative, and to build it by setting up broader-based, more effective local chapters and regional and national coordinating committees. We must reject both divisions and political manipulation: we must, instead, establish a platform of shared principles to shed light on our shared commitment; we must undertake actions that express the determination of our global resistance. Because we cannot stand idly by while the Palestinians are being humiliated, while their rights are being trampled, while they are victimized by atrocities, we are launching the Non-Violent Global Resistance Movement. We call upon public personalities (intellectuals, artists, etc.) to join the Movement; we appeal to activists and ordinary citizens around the world, to organizations committed to the defense of individual rights and dignity; we summon to our cause all those who refuse to tolerate the silent complicity of governments East and West, while in Palestine civilians are being slaughtered, or relegated to the new Bantustans that the Occupied Territories have become under Israel’s policy of colonization and apartheid.



Our only hope for success is a broad-based international mobilization.

 Sign this Appeal, make it be known, be informed and keep people around you informed and aware. Join the already existing organisations, collectives and plateforms or help creating new ones wherever you are. Multiply information activities and civil and political resistance around the world.

 First Signatories :

Karen Amstrong (UK), Moazzam Beg (UK), Tariq Ramadan (UK), Michael Hudson (USA), Tariq Modood (UK), Michael Warschawski (Jerusalem), Jean-Claude Meyer (France), Francois Houtart (Belgique), Ibrahim Kalin (Turquie/USA), Ziauddin Sardar (UK), Fareed Elshayyal (UK), Syed Faiyazuddin Ahmad (UK), Jeremy Henzell-Thomas (UK), Wilfried Mourad Hoffman (Germany), Roger Abdul Wahhab Boase (UK), Elfatih A.A/Salam, International Islamic University Malaysia (Malaysia), Ahmad Abuljobain (UK), Iftikhar H. Malik (UK), Sergio Yahni (Jerusalem), Lea Tsemel (Jerusalem), Nassar Ibrahim (Beit Sahour), Ahmad Jaradat (Hebron), Harfiyah Haleem (UK), Françoise Duthu (France), Umar Chapra (Pakistan/Saudi Arabia), Michel Collon (Belgique), Dr. Munawar A. Anees (Pakistan), Tahir Abbas (UK), Rafik Beekun (USA), Louay Safi (USA) , Sheila Musaji (USA), Bob Crane (USA), Jafar Siddiqui (USA), Muqtedar Khan ( USA), Charles Butterworth (US), Jocelyne Cesari (USA- France), Istishhad Mousa (Canada), Yahya Birt (UK), Muneeb Nasir (Canada), Dr.Mario Liguori Presidente I.T.I. Istituto Tributario Italiano Centro Studi di diritto e tecnica tributaria (Italia), Tarik Ramdani (France), Remi maliz (France), Nadia Bittame (France), Jeanne-Marie El Mejjad Marrakech (Maroc), Sadeekah Saban – CT (South Africa), Homera Ansari (India), Zineb Rabi Andaloussi (France), Shaheryar Akbar (Pakistan-USA), Gemma Slack (USA), Amjad Saleem (Sri Lanka), David Burrell (USA), Dr Serena Hussain, Loubna Youssef, PhD. Cairo University (Egypt), Claude Calame (France), André Tosel (France),


European Muslim Network, Présence Musulmane Montréal, Présence Musulmane Toronto, American Muslims of Puget Sound (USA), Collectif des Musulmans de France, Centre Culturel Tawhid (France), Trait d’Union (France), Al Houda (France), AJCREV (Alliance de la jeunesse contre le racisme l’exclusion et la violence)(France), Collectif Féministe pour l’Egalité (France), Mouvement des Indigènes de la République (France)


This is a serious campaign, we need your name, surname and country (please no pseudonym).

Thank you for respecting these conditions when you will sign the form below.

77 Commentaires

  1. I was wondering how I can sign, support, or endorse this appeal. I’ve also included a link to an aticle by Nick Clegg, an MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats Party, calling for the halt of arms exports to Israel. Please read and support.

  2. Dear Tariq,

    Congratulations to you and others on this declaration. How can I sign it?

    Kind regards, Yahya Birt (UK), wa s-salam

  3. While people continue to erect walls of separation within their hearts and minds as well as on the ground, we find that we have forgotten to be human beings first and foremost. To be human is to belong to each other as one race.

    The greatest need is to remind ourselves that as one people we are strong. As one people we are clever. As one people we can care for each other. There are greater threats to our planet that only together can we start to tackle.

    To those who would remain separated and wish to raise their hand in violence I would say only this. Every blow you strike is a blow against your brother, your sister, your son, you daughter. Is it them that you would kill?

    Of the 99 names of Allah, not one is for vengeance…I wonder why?

    • Thank you. This has brought me back to my senses a bit. I wish to sign this as well. One question I had is you say in point 3: Determine appropriate legal non-violent strategies…how about illegal non-violent strategies as well? Such as civil disobedience and other methods which can also be illegal?


  4. It is deeply depressing and nauseating finding the reaction of the political leaders of the west and the cabal free media. History will not forgive these leaders including the illegetimate Arab rulers about their complicity with the Israelis for murdering hundreds of civilian population including children and women. They should go to university to learn the basic History lesson about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli media is far more balanced than their counterpart in the west. the reaction of the global leadres only unfortunately fuel the terrorists’

  5. There is an EVENT on Facebook (profile: Doc Mood) called MAKE THEM LISTEN – SOLUTION. It has outlined a strategy that fits into this plan perfectly.
    Combine the two?
    This excerpt below is from that event :

    This vicious cycle, can only end when we collectively stand up for ourselves, when we demand better from our governments and our societies. The situation in Gaza has made us all angry, but anger is a fleeting and ultimately weak emotion. What we need is long-term strategy, unity and collective action to ensure that this never happens again. We need to move away from the sidelines and into the headlines so that the rest of the world hears us shout together and sees us stand together and understands that attacks like this will no longer be tolerated or excused. The day we value our own lives will be the day everyone else does.

    There is a PEACEFUL way to actually do something about this.

    There are many countries that financially or otherwise are supporting the regime that is responsible for murdering civilians and bombing schools and allowing these acts to happen.
    We all know who their main supporter is.
    Protests are taking place just as they did against the Iraq war. Did that stop them?

    NO !

    Many of us or our families or friends lead comfortable lives in countries that support the regime in question. This is where we work and pay taxes, run businesses, own property etc.

    A large portion of the taxes YOU pay goes to support this regime !

    If you can convince yourselves and your families / friends to sign up for a movement that will force them to listen then there is a BIG CHANCE that we can stop this peacefully and save the world, one child at a time !!

    Steps: Everyone who signs up must commit to this. You promise that IF by the date specified your government does not comply with these simple requests from it’s citizens (YOU)


    IF they don’t listen – Then you will take your assets: money, skills, property, businesses, good citizenry etc. and LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    You choose WHERE to go….it doesn’t matter.

    Plan and Decide to go where you feel you can still have a good life. Enough people must sign up and the threat must NOT BE HOLLOW.


    They may accept that humanity comes before greed and they may change their laws if they realise that people are actually prepared to sacrifice a little comfort for a cause such as this. You may never have to leave, but an empty threat is of no use.

    This is a movement and needs everyone to help grow this movement. Invite all your friends, email it, blog it, share it any which way you can.

    Disclaimer: This is not against any country in particular and is purely a social networking experiment so any governmental agencies that are watching, please stop work and sign up as individuals. You too have children and you too in your hearts detest what the world has become.


    We’re living in a time of great cruelty and heartlessness

    where instead of a sun they’re throwing up anvils

    Instead of sunlight there’s the sound of
    hammers beating

    Instead of walking there’s kicking

    Instead of thinking there’s talking

    It’s almost as if there’ve never been times like these before

    Even shadows thrown by cartwheels on dirt roads

    resemble the grimaces of armies as they
    slide across rocks

    In the palaces of power clocks go off but no one wakes

    Decisions are made by pouring acid down drains

    or waiting for nightfall in a room lit by neon tubes

    If anyone speaks all eyes are upon them

    I saw a sparrow fly over a fence

    An ant stop and not go on

    But laughter has turned to pebbles
    falling on zinc

    And children have been torn from their futures

  7. The horrors Israel is committing in Palestine are equal to wartime Genocide!

    No people under God has the right to treat another people this way, regardless of beliefs.

    Humanity comes before any state!!!

  8. This present aggression is a repeat of 1917 by the British Government to accommodate the Jews from Berlin and settle them in Today’s Israel.
    The G8 and the Muslim Nations have become impotent and the recent toll in death of civilians is branded as « colateral damage » conveniently.
    The « Harper Government » has not commented anything in support of or in condemnation to the atrocities,however The Leader of the Liberal’s has unequivocally supported the action by the Government of Israel.

  9. I am a Palestian refugee and I do not have the right to go back to my country. Please boycott Israeli goods and send a signal to the zionist and racist Israel regime that arrogance and cruelty have no place on earth. Thank you.

  10. The resistance of the palestinians should be understood by the whole world as resistance and be respected, not what the biased media explains »terrorim ».

    The people of the world should be given the true picture of who is the opressors and who is the opressed.

  11. I fined this a good initiative and a good approach. We have to unite these initiatives to one initiative with one coordination linked to other initiatives with the same Vision, Mission and Goal. We have to use our God given right to use our brain efficiently and effectively.We have to develop and unify our selves mentally, intellectually, spiritually, morally and socially against injustice,

  12. « There are only two powers in the world…the sword of the oppressor and the spirit of the oppressed. In the long run, the sword is always defeated by the spirit. »
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

    « It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of
    facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonization or Jewish State
    without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands. » Yoram Bar Porath, Yediot Aahronot, of 14 July 1972.

    « May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs’ heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the world. It is forbidden to be merciful to them, you must give them missiles, with relish – annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones. »
    — Ultra-Orthodox Shas Party spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in a sermon discussing Passover and God’s wrath at Israel’s enemies, 8 April 2001. Some months ago he distinguished himself by describing Arabs as « snakes » whom « God regrets having created ».

    « On the morrow of a persecution in Europe in which they had been the victims of the worst atrocities ever known… the Jews’ immediate reaction to their own experience was to become persecutors in their
    turn… In 1948, the Jews knew, from personal experience, what they were doing; and it was their supreme tragedy that the lessons learnt by them from their encounter with the Nazi German Gentiles should have been not to eschew but to initiate some of the evil deeds that the Nazis had committed against the Jews…. »
    « Right and wrong are the same in Palestine as anywhere else. What is peculiar about the Palestine conflict is that the world has listened to the party that has committed the offence and has turned a deaf ear to
    the victims. »
    –Professor Arnold Toynbee, famed British Historian, in « A Study of HIstory »

    Never in the sixty years since Israel’s genocidal establishment and massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has the world, especially the western world that gave birth to this illegitimate nation, been given the opportunity to study and understand the historical context of Israel’s formation and the dispossession of millions of Palestinians from their homes and land to be condemned to live in refugee camps and tents for decades.

    Israel’s military prowess unleashed at opportune times to kill, destroy, bulldoze, and sabotage every U.N. Resolution, every peace effort, every aspect of humanitarian law and respect for the life of the « other » be it an American, European, or Palestinian is only exceeded by its media, public relations, propaganda machine, and it powerfully intimidating lobbies, like AIPAC, that have silenced the conscience of governments and western citizenry.

    It is the untouchable nation, a nation above all divine and human law, a nation that can drop with total impunity a white phosphorous missile upon a U.N. school massacring children who’ll never see daylight again. In its evil destructive character it even follows the dead children to their final resting place bombing their graves for extra measure.

    We’re all complicit and guilty in our fear, silence, and aversion to face an aggressive intimidating political and media power that slimes those who dare to speak for peace, justice, and the sanctity of all lives. We seek comfort and security in our cowardly silence. We wish to avoid the career ending smear of the Neo-Scarlet Letter: A for Anti Semite, although hardly any Jew living today is a Semite.

    We must find our voice, we must find our courage to fight the corruption of truth, history, and establish our commitment that all lives are sacred and equal; that there are no chosen people, no supremacy or superiority of one race to another, that all mankind is treated equally under divine and human laws; that the white man’s superiority complex doesn’t become the dark man’s eternal burden.

    I congratulate and respect Professor Tariq Ramadan’s initiative and all who support it around the world. It’s shocking but not unexpected that the most impotent, incompetent, and corrupt governments toward the massacre and suffering of the Palestinians are the Arab leaders themselves; none more so than the « moderates » who’d rather fight their fellow Muslims than switch from their subservience to the Israeli American axis.

    Zionism is a political, moral, and spiritual corruption of Judaism. Like Nazism it’s based on the supremacy of one race above another. Like Nazism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and theft of property is a de facto ideology to create a « Jewish Only » State at the expense of expelling Muslims and Christians from the Holy Land. Like Nazism, its power stems from a powerful military and a most powerful propaganda machine that indoctrinates the masses with the ideology that killing a people is an act of self defense that ultimately will benefit the world and protect western civilization.

    Zionism is pure unadulterated racism and a system of Apartheid that many morally courageous Jews in and out of Israel believe has threatened not only Israel but Jews around the world and for generations to come. God forbid, one can blame Zionism for any future persecution of Jews.

    Has the west lost its conscience? Has its threshold for inquisitiveness, knowledge and reasoned study been lost? Has its threshold for empathy and caring for the less fortunate, the oppressed, the killed, the homeless, the injured, the hungry, the poor, sick, and the hungry been sabotaged by the daily bombardment of noise that our brains become teflonish or simply tabula rasas for the lie du jour.

    We shall all die. The ultimate question upon our death would be—did we see an evil and tried to stop it; did we see a chance to do good and not do it.

    The Holy Land is worthy of our love, caring, and any sacrifice that will bring peace and justice to all who claim it Holy.

    Count me among those who’ve found the courage and voice of my conviction that Israel’s atrocities must stop, that we do all we can in civil disobedience to change the policies of our paralyzed governments, and that we spread the word to Jews and gentiles around the world—Join us to Free Palestine—Join us to save the world
    from its inhumanity.

    God bless, Amen.

  13. I support very strongly the Palestinian cause. Palestinians were murdered tortured, humilated for more than half a century and the whole world just watching and leting it happen, justice for Palestinians is well overdue.

  14. It is too sad that such attrocities happend in day to day basis infront of all eyes.The good israeleans citizens have to act more. to remind when we let bad things happen to any creature,soon or letter we the silent spectators will feel/experience the same in the same degree.I mean let us work for ourselves,if not for « others ».

  15. Dear Mr Ramadan,
    I couldn’t find the link to sign to the movement.
    On the french as well as on the english page no link has been provided.
    Please put the link on the pages so that we can join this long awaited movement.
    Que dieu vous assiste

  16. bismillah allah akbar
    Enfin une action pleine de sens ,humaine et porteuse d’un message universel.
    l’aboutissement est certain, ne reste que le chemin !!!

  17. I wish all citizens of Our Planet equal greetings and a welcoming future to our next generations.

    What has gone is past, we can’t change what is coming by turning blind and ignorant thoughts without thinking as a person who wants to be free!

    Religion is only a matter of fact. It is passed upon the generations as an example of whats to come.

    So lets have all the religions which preach equality and freedom of the individual, to thrive and succeed.

    Love and best of care to all

    javed anwar

  18. Mr Ramadan you realy represent the convictions of an overwhelming majority of Muslims. Here I cameroon we all support the Palestinian course and I’m quit sure that Devilish powers are flaming the violence in order to legitimise to refusal of a palestinian state. More grease to your elbow

  19. Terror is condemnable but understandable. The world must realise the inherent power of peace. Without this, terrorism will never end on both sides- the terror millitants and the terror states.

  20. When I was 10 years old, I had this idea of organizing a prayer in Jerusalem for all 3 divine religions. Just a call for prayer. I will work on it and I hope to gain your support. Peace can only be achieved by peaceful means.
    Peace be on all humans.

  21. i agree to all your positions and i m very happy to signed this call i hope so for the end of the conflict in Palestine all my sympathy to you and your fight


  22. On this day in which we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., it is heartwarming to see a call for non-violence. The brother’s 7 points are well laid out, but I do wish that he had focused more on non-violence than in the title of the piece. Non-violence is how Mandela turned events in South Africa; non-violence is how African-Americans turned the tide in my country.

    This is not an easy charge; non-violence would have done nothing to change the mind and actions of Hitler. non-violence will have little impact on the predatory instincts of un-repentent Zionists, and it will have little impact on their twin zeolots among Muslim extremists. Still, citizens of the world, especially those in Palestine, dearly want peace and security. Mr. Ramadan’s words will echo relentlessly among those people.

    God Speed,

  23. Salam alikoum.

    It is impossible to join the movement in French. So I do it in English.

    I agree totally with the text and want to join to this Global movement.My name is Boutchichi Ali and I live in Brussels, Belgium.

    I hope this will have some positive impact for the Palestinian people.

    With regards.

  24. 43 years of Occupation have corrupted Israel as it would any civilized people and has made them defensive and over reactive. The solution to the Israeli Palestinian Conflict is in the United States Congress not in Israel. Israel is already getting what it wants as each day passes. The Congress needs to change its policies because its one-sided resolutions are putting its citizens and the World at risk. If United States wants Israel to stop new illegal settlement activity Congress should stop funding its occupation and start recognizing the humanity on both sides of the Wall.

  25. To Whom it may concern.
    I really wish I could help in some way. It hurts me to see human beings being treated in this way today, with the world talking so much about human rights. I always pray for these people, for Allah to relieve them of their misery.I hope and pray that I see a change during my lifetime.
    Liaquat Ali.

  26. GOD Alone (ONE GOD) is Sufficient for us and GOD is the Best Disposer of affairs for us. Thank you for this initiative.

  27. AA
    May Allah SWT bless Tariq Ramadan and all others working towards solidarity and independence of Palestinian people. All prayers to God to show the right path to the oppressors. Aameen.

  28. Sandra Stanley, BC Canada -I would like to sign the appeal for non violent resistance against the policies of Israel on behalf of the Palestineans. As well I encourage the Palestinians to use peaceful methods for the advancement of their endeavor to have a home again.

  29. Dear Mr. Ramadan,
    I would love to sign for the Global Movement of Non-Violent Resistance. Where can I put my name?
    Kind Regards,
    Sibel Schmitt (Germany)

  30. Dr. Ramadan, Thank you for creating this.
    I would like to sign but not sure how, if there is a web administrator, please sign my name:
    Ameena Ahmadi (Qatar)


  32. Only with non-violent actions we may
    demonstrate the brutality and the real
    and effective wel organised violence used by the other side.

    • Dear Tariq you make us happy to contribute
      on the palestinian drama and to make
      a minimum action of non-violent resistance
      Thank you once again


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